Friday, 4 March 2011

Get the Victoria's Secret model look!

I've always loved Victoria's Secret, and if you've ever seen the Victoria's Secret fashion show you must have noticed how naturally beautiful and confident the models look. Here are a few makeup and beauty tips to recreate the look! I'm not going to write about the trademark VS model beachy hairstyle here, as that's a whole post\tutorial on it's own! Also, I'll be doing a VS model inspired FOTD and tutorial with pics a bit later :)

1: Skin

The models always have fresh, dewy looking skin. In order to get this it's important to wash with a cleanser that's suited to your skin tone. Follow with a gentle facial exfoliator and always moisturise! I like Olay Beauty Fluid as it's absorbed easily, doesn't leave a greasy residue and leaves a great base for your foundation.
After removing your makeup at night, apply a thin layer of Vaseline over your skin and leave overnight. In the morning you will have beautiful skin as Vaseline hydrates like no other! Also, something I've heard but have yet to test: Vaseline can make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer. Will definitely give it a try sometime though!

2: Makeup

For your makeup, I recommend using a liquid foundation as it is smoother and I find I don't look as cakey with a liquid foundation than a powder. You can put a drop or two of liquid skin luminizer (like Benefit Moonbeam) into your foundation bottle for a dewy, light reflecting finish.

Use either a bronzer or a foundation 1 or 2 shades darker than your skintone. If you have normal or combination skin it's better to use a powder bronzer and apply with a big fluffy brush :) Apply this to the hollows of your cheeks (suck them in and apply to the deepest parts), the sides of your nose and under your chin. You can use the bronzer to play up or tone down certain features. For example, if you wish to tone down a wide forehead apply the bronzer to the sides and along the hairline, and if you want to shorten a long nose, apply it to the underside of the nose.

After this, use a blusher that compliments your skin tone to recreate the rosy, flushed cheeks of the models. Apply it in circular motions starting at the apples of your cheeks and gradually sweeping it back towards the hairline. To finish, dab a little liquid luminizer onto the top of the cheekbones (sweeping around in an arc shape to under the eyebrow), down the center of the nose (but not the tip!), directly above the lip, the chin, middle of forehead and the jaw to achieve that radiant glow! Set with a dusting of translucent finishing powder.

To compliment your glowing skin, create a smokey eye by applying a shimmery white/silver eyeshdow to the lid and around the tearduct to highlight. I like Kitten by Stila, it's gorgeous! Next, apply your lighter shadow colour to the outer corner of your eye and extend just beyond the crease. Also use a small brush to sweep some on the outer 3/4 of the bottom eyelid. Use a darker shade of your shadow colour and blend into the outermost corner of the eye to create the smokey effect :) Highlight the center of the upper lid with the same luminizer you used to the face to draw them forward and brighten them. Also, line the waterline with a black kohl eyeliner.

Luscious lashes are essential! Curl yours with an eyelash curler and apply both a lengthening and a thickening mascara for the best results! If you choose to add falsies to your look, avoid strip lashes which can sometimes look too obvious in favour of individual lashes. Focus on the outer corner of your eye for a sex kitten smouldering look.

In my opinion eyebrows can make or break a face. Make sure yours are tidy and fill them in with a matching powder. Use a thin slanted brush to achieve an arched brow and tame any strays by spraying hairspray on an eyebrow brush and combing them.

Lips at the VS fashion show range from gorgeous nudes to shimmery pinks. Choose the colour that best compliments your skin tone, but keep it sheer. It should be a 'your colour but better' shade to enhance what you have. Add a slick of clear or shimmery gloss to the middle of the lips to give the appearance of a plump pout, but make sure it isn't gloopy. You can also use a plumping gloss to achieve that bee-stung look.

3: Body

As a result of all their time in the gym the models all have very tight and toned bodies. You can start a diet and an exercise regime to get trim, but if this isn't your thing a tan, clever makeup tricks, clothing and control pants can make ALL the difference :)

If you choose to tan, go for a self tanner from a brand such as st Tropez, st Moriz or Xen Tan (to name a few) which are olive based and will give you a natural colour. Make sure you exfoliate thoroughly and moisturise rougher areas to get the best result from your tanner and make your skin glow!
If you want to get a natural tan, make sure you wear sunscreen. A tan creates shadows and makes you look slimmer and toned :)

Use a highlighter such as st Tropez skin illuminater on the shins and collarbones to get those VS model legs!Models also use baby oil to get their glowing skin, but this is really messy and stains clothes and surfaces so it's not advisable to use it. Add a pair of high heels to lengthen your legs and give you the catwalk strut!

Dress for your shape! Be confident and choose styles that make you look and feel good. I'll write a post about how to determine your body shape and how to compliment it soon, so look out for that :)

Finally, smile, be confident and enjoy yourself!



  1. thanks for stopping by my blog =) i think VS models are some of the most beautiful women in the world .. HOT!

  2. no problem :). haha me too, theyre gorgeous. I'd love to go to a VS fashion show one day! xx

  3. thanks for dropping by my blog and your sweet comment! looking forward to more reviews from you :D am gonna follow you now sweetie!

  4. Just discovered your blog - I like it :)

    Re VS - such a great post. Agree with you on everything and I'd love to go to one of their shows too. Ah well, we can dream :)


  5. @if-I-were-Audrey - thank you :)xx

    @Miss A - aww thank you :) haha that's so true... very unlikely I'd ever get to go, but a girl can dream! until then i'll be sticking to youtubing it!
    Just checking out your blog now :) xx

  6. My favorite tanner is St Tropez too...or I just go to the salon and have it professionally applied. Waiting for it to get warmer before I do my tanner again!
    Xox alison

  7. Great post. Thx for these tips..can't wait to look like a VS model (sigh) LOL

  8. @Mademoiselle Frou-Frou - I've never had a salon spray tan... I always get a bit worried that it might come out too dark or streak, as my skin is very dry. I really want to try it though!
    I'm waiting for it to get warmer before I start properly tanning too, but I'm using a couple of gradual tanners so I don't look as ghostly!

    @Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle - thank you :) I love your blog by the way!


  9. I'm deff following these tips :)

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