Sunday, 5 December 2010

Alberto Balsam review and my 20th birthday!

Hey girls!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was my birthday today... I'm 20 now! Have any of you ever actually felt different on your birthday? I always wondered if it was just me that never does because everyone always asks! I had a good time though, even though I'm actually going to celebrate in a couple of weeks because of exams and the snow and stuff. My parents came down to see me and brought my cards and presents down and my boyfriend later took me out for Mexican food (Fajitas - my favourite!) and a Sheesha smoking session. It's only the second time I've ever smoked Sheesha and despite the fact I could barely feel my hands, feet and face as it was so cold and you can't do it indoors, I really liked it. Have any of you ever smoked Sheesha? If you haven't it's basically flavoured tobacco that you smoke using a bong:

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Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you today was my experiences with the Alberto Balsam range of shampoos and conditioners. When my mum came down to see me today she brought along the Sunkissed raspberry shampoo and conditioner duo as well as the limited edition Mandarin shampoo and as I grew up with the range and loved it I couldn't wait to try them.

I know everyone is always searching for effective shampoos that don't break the bank and some of the drugstore brands can actually do more harm than good to your hair. This range contains natural ingrediets and only costs about £1 for 400mls of product! Not only that but it consists of various shampoos and conditioners for all hair types, anti-oxidant products and herbal products and it's very easy to tell which type of product you are buying as it is written very clearly on the front, something I am very grateful for because I sometimes buy shampoos thinking they are conditioners!

Some examples of the range of products. Pictures from Google search. From left to right: Sunkissed raspberry shampoo, Sunkissed raspberry conditioner, Limited Edition Mandarin shampoo, Green Apple shampoo, Blueberry shampoo and Pomegranate conditioner.

The product comes in a tall plastic bottle with a simple black flip lid which fastens nice and tightly to avoid spills. It's nothing special, but as it only costs £1 you wouldn't expect it to be. As for the product itself, I have found that all the shampoos have a similar effect on my hair and as do all the conditioners so I thought it appropriate to include all in one blog post.

The shampoos have a thick consistency, which is good because it doesn't run off my hand when I apply it. It also lathers up nicely and really feels like it is cleaning my hair, not to mention the fact that they all smell absolutely AMAZING (seriously, I could eat these!) The shampoo on its own does leave my hair a little tangled afterwards but the conditioners really sort that out.
The conditioners are a little thinner in conistency than the shampoos, but still smell equally as amazing. The product feels a little like its just sliding over your hair as you apply it instead of sinking in like a conditioner is supposed to, but as soon as it is rinsed out my hair already feels super smooth.
After drying my hair feels really nourished and if I haven't used the brand in a while I can definitely notice the difference when I switch back. My hair feels very light, healthy, smooth and is very shiny as well as being very manageable without any tangles and flyaways. It does not feel at all weighed down and I love how the scent remains on my hair even after styling. It's not a overpowering smell, and my boyfriend even compliments it when he gets a whiff!

All products wash out really easily and I have never had an instance where I have had some left in when I've gotten out of the shower. It also does not strip the natural oils out of the hair and my mum (who colours her hair) says it doesn't strip the colour either. I've found that the effects of the conditioner last around 2 days, which is pretty average and the smell lasts just as long! Overall I think this is definitely worth a try, especially as it only costs about £1 :) What are your experiences with the Alberto Balsam range?

See you soon!


  1. Thanks for following! I'm following you back :)

    I love mexican food as well!! And those shampoos look really yummy :)


  2. Thanks so much :) Really appreciated!
    Fajitas are my fav (I had chicken), and the shampoos are definitely yummy! They smell amazing!

  3. Hi Doll! Thanks for following me. <3 That's sweet of you!

    I looooove HOOKAH! We have two of those in our house and a closet filled with tobacco in our kitchen. :))

    I'm glad someone else likes it as much as I do! I want to try herbal cigarettes. Honey Rose? It has no nicotine in it but you can only order it online.

  4. great post!! I love your blog!

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    merry xmas!

  5. happy belated bday!
    we used to smoke shisha at uni, the shop near us sold loads of flavours like banana, water melon, apricot, it always used to give me a headache though!
    ive used those shampoos, i think theyre good value for money x

  6. @Toni: no problem! I love your blog :)haha glad to hear someone else likes it too! I've never tried herbal cigarettes, but a friend of mine switched to them when she was trying to quit and I must say they smelt awful! The smell put me off a little to be honest haha!

    @bels: thanks :) I'll definitely check out your blog

    @quitequaint: thank you! haha I know exactly what you mean, Shisha gives me such terrible headaches too...when I get home I just want to lay down and sleep!

  7. Hi thanks for following my blog, I followed back:)
    I use the alberto balsam honey & almond intensive conditioning treatment, i love it!

  8. @Chloe - haha no worries, I really like your blog :) Thanks for following mine, much appreciated :)
    I've never used that to be honest, I've heard some great reviews about it though so I'll definitely give it a try sometime. Also heard there's an oil treatment by this brand which is supposed to be good, so I'd like to give that a try sometime too ;)