Saturday, 4 December 2010


Hey girls!

The snow's starting to melt... that means no more uni snow days :( I've always been childish like that, my mum always told me that the moment I stop being excited at the prospect of a snow day is the day I start to grow up. Not sure it's going to happen anytime soon though!

I recently saw that Boots are offering a 30ml bottle of Britney Spears' perfume Midnight Fantasy for £10! That's £10 off! I absolutely LOVE the original fantasy although I know that it is too sweet and sickly smelling for some people's tastes. My boyfriend always compliments me when I wear this perfume, so I'm sure that's a good sign! Apparently Midnight Fantasy is just as nice as the original, just not as sweet, so I know I will definitely be making a trip to Boots pretty soon to pick this up. Do you think you will take advantage of this offer? What are your opinions of the Fantasy range?

Click the link above to see the offer at Boots.

Another perfume I definitely want to try is Katy Perry's 'Purr.' I love Katy Perry - I listen to all her music and I think she is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other singers around. She's so talented and has such a big personality so I wasn't at all suprised by her promotional image:

I think she looks great! Sorry, I'm rambling (she's sort of my girl crush at the moment!) So yeah... onto the perfume!

The bottle is so cute! I'll admit it's part of the reason I want this perfume - I'm a little shallow like that. The official description of the perfume is as follows: 'Purr by Katy Perry begins with the aroma of peach nectar and forbidden apple, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid, and slowly reveals accents of creamy sandalwood and musk.' Have you tried this perfume? If so, did you like it? If you haven't tried it yet, will you?

I'd also like to share with you my two newest fragrances and my opinions of them. The first is Lady Million by Paco Robane and I think one word is appropriate here: 'WOW!'

As soon as I heard Paco Robane released Lady Million I knew I had to have it. I absolutely LOVE One Million for men and was always a bit gutted there wasn't one for women. Everytime my boyfriend wore it my legs would turn to jelly! I think it definitely delivers with its sweet and fruity scent and certainly matches up to the men's version! I love it!

The second one is Pure White Linen Pink Coral by Estee Lauder.

My boyfriend got this one for me a couple of months ago as an anniversary persent. He really knows my tastes well as I adore this scent! I think it smells very delicate, fresh and feminine and it's a nice perfume to wear during the day as it's light and quite sweet and is certainly not overpowering.

I would recommed these perfumes to you if, like me you adore feminine and sweet smelling scents. Both are long lasting and have gotten me lots of compliments from friends and my boyfriend, so that's a plus! What do you think of these perfumes?

See you soon!


  1. the packaging is probably what determines
    it for me when I buy perfume
    I want one with the squeezey puffer tops they have on the old shows :)

  2. Megan - Definitely! the packaging has to catch my eye for me to be interested in smelling it!
    Have you seen Britney Spears' perfume 'Curious'? The full size bottle has a squeezy puffer top... I had to get it because of that!

    Jazzy - Congrats on getting 500 followers :) You have a nice giveaway, the prizes are really nice :) I would love to enter :)

  3. I like how the Britney Spears one smells. I haven't tried the other ones, will check into them.

  4. I still haven't smelt it yet, but I really want to. The other ones are great though in my opinion, and they've had a lot of great reviews, but I guess it's all a matter of opinion and taste. You should deinitely check them out though :)

  5. hey steph! i am following you now too! i love how most of the britney spears perfumes smell!

  6. Cool Blog !! I love this post .
    i follow you and i hope you follow me too.

  7. @angiepizants - aww thank you! It's much appreciated :) I love them too, I know a lot of people that think they're too sweet, but I love them :)

    @Alessia - thank you :) I'm just checking out your blog now