Friday, 3 December 2010

Introduction and body shop nail varnishes!

Hey there!

So I finally decided it was a good idea to come out of lurking and start my own blog. I have been really enthusiastic about starting this for a while now as I have been religiously following many of your blogs for months now and wanted to share many of my experiences both from the past and the future to come. J

So let me introduce myself. I’m Steph, I’m 19 years old (20 on Sunday!!!) and I have a weak spot for the arts and all things beautiful. I’m lucky enough to live about a 10 minutes walk away from a Fenwick’s store (which now that I think about it is the reason I’m always broke, so maybe I’m not so lucky!) so I mainly get my make up and other things from there, Boots and online.

This post was inspired by a blog post I recently read about the two new nail varnishes from The Body Shop. They are the only two nail varnishes available there at the moment and are actually part of their Limited Edition Party Makeup collection. Of course I can’t find this post to link you to it now (always the way, isn’t it) but the collection also consists of a lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow palettes and star dust but I didn’t manage to buy or swatch these. Here they are though; the picture is from the Body Shop website.

Sorry for the stock photos, but on the way back from town today my iPhone gave its life to save my butt when I slipped on the ice (blush) and the photos I took with my other camera made the nail varnish colours look really murky so please bear with me until I get a new camera!
Check out the damage though…


Anyway, onto the nail varnishes! They looked just as pretty in real life as they did in the photo; however I was a bit disappointed with the size of the bottles. I thought £5 each was a little much for the amount you get (only 5mls of product!) Also, just thought it might be worth mentioning that you got £5 off if you bought another item from selected stalls, which was nice, I didn’t do this though as I only bought the £10 needed to buy the two varnishes.

The first nail varnish is a light shimmery pink called ‘Twinkling Pink’. This is the colour that first caught my eye online as it looks very cute and it looks like it sparkles in the light. I love pink varnishes and this one definitely delivers! The colour is gorgeous and I haven’t actually seen any dupes for it myself (if there are, let me know as I’d love to try them!)  This is actually now my favourite pink nail varnish that I own.

The second one is a sparkly black called ‘Starry Night’. Although I am usually not that into black nail varnishes as I think I am a bit too pale to pull them off without looking like a corpse I actually like the look of this one. It contains bits of different sized silver glitter which is very easy to see (unlike many of the other sparkly black colours I’ve tried) and so I think it would be perfect for a night out.
Overall, I really rate these nail varnishes. The drying time is average and they both provide good even coverage. The only downside I think is the price and the size of the bottle. So, will you be heading down to The Body Shop to get these polishes despite the price?

I also received two free samples at the counter: Their spiced vanilla body butter (smells SO good!) and tinted body lotion which I will include in my next post as this one has turned into a bit of an essay… sorry!!!

So that was my first post! I hope I haven’t bored you and I’m really hoping I’ll get better at this in the future! I also have new found respect for bloggers as this took me FOREVER to write! Haha J I really enjoyed it though.

See you soon


  1. Hello! Waves ... I'm your 1st follower. The black glittery one looks lovely. Best of luck with your new blog xx

  2. Hello!! *waves back* Thank you so much :) Yeah I agree, it is lovely, just wish I could have posted swatches because it looks gorgeous on. Have to say though, the pink one is still my favourite of the two!

  3. OMG YOUR PHONE!LOL I was like no it can't be! Well you have a very cute blog


  4. I know!!!!!!!!! I could have cried! It's sitting on my desk as I can't bring myself to get rid of it haha! Now I'm stuck with my old brick of a phone... I swear it's been around longer than I have... It's not even colour screen!
    Thank you! I'll definitely check out yours

  5. those polishes look pretty! but oh man.. look at your phone! i would die.. that really sucks! :(

  6. @Kaitlyn - haha I know! I couldn't believe it! The polishes are really pretty though :)